Experience healing at its best with the top 10 hospitals in India

2012_most_punctualThe western shores are knocking at the door of the top 10 hospitals in India. Why people are choosing India as the ideal place for undergoing treatments when there are other medications developed countries like UK, Australia and USA? The biggest reason behind this is that India offers high quality treatments at cost effective rates. With the active cooperation of Indian government the hospitals in India have better infrastructure and are equipped with all kinds of modern facilities.

The medical sphere of India is technologically is advanced similar to the USA and UK. Medical tourism in India today contributes almost 50 percent into the Indian economy. The foreign tourists are visiting the reputed hospitals in India with the hope of getting top class treatments including critical surgeries such as neurosurgery, fat reduction surgery, dental surgeries, knee replacement, breast surgery, heart surgery, cosmetic surgery and many more. According to recent statistical reports it has been seen that there are more than 150,000 medical tourists visiting the Indian hospitals every year.

The highly skilled doctors and surgeons associated with the top 10 hospitals of India possess global recognition. With the influence of British education upon Indian medial studies and the strong ability to speak English fluently have enhanced the popularity of Indian doctors. The academic background of the doctors reflects that they acquired medial education from the top institutes of the world. Many of them are even bilingual, board certified and even possess the experience of dealing with abroad patients.most_valued_employee_title

The nurses and other hospital staffs are well disciplined and possess the proper training to handle the advanced medical equipments efficiently. Moreover it is believed in India that proper healing can be done under a relaxed and clean environment, thus the hospital staff always extends polite approaches towards their patients and their families. As we know that cleanliness is next to godliness.

There are hospitals in India which are specifically famous for providing medical care at particular fields such as cardiology or neurology or even orthopedic treatments. If you are a heart patient who needs bypass surgery can choose the top cardiac hospitals in India. People should not compromise which health issues as they can even be life threatening, nothing can be more precious than a life. The main motto of the top hospitals is to save a life which is disease free. The medical services offered at Indian hospitals are very fast, therefore the patients will not have to be in the waiting list spending long hours.Thus with Indian medical health care units you can achieve a quick, cost effective and premier treatment.



Hair Loss Prevention Treatment At Hospital In Mumbai

Hair Loss Causes

The problem related to hair loss has turned to be very common nowadays. Every 7 out of 10 people are suffering from it. There are several causes of hair loss. Some of them are stress, nutritional deficiencies, dandruff, excessive oiliness of the scalp, illness, thyroid imbalance etc. Besides this, hair damage is also caused by procedures like hair colouring/dyeing, bleaching, straightening, perming, etc. Most people confronted baldness go for hair replacement procedures, which is one of the best hair loss prevention methods.

Hair replacement surgery includes aesthetic talents as well as excellent surgical skills. That is why surgeon at top hospitals in the country makes all the difference. It is suggestible here to gather as much as knowledge you can about your surgical options and then select a well-trained doctor in the procedure you desire.

Hospital in Mumbai is considered to be first to have a department for Hair Restoration. The department provides holistic health care medical and surgical treatment with hair loss prevention methods. In fact, surgeons have managed to reduce the number of people suffering from hair loss symptoms.

Let’s take a general look at the top hospitals in the city of Mumbai to provide hair loss treatment. Normally, the chamber where the transplant is performed can be seen sterilized by Ultraviolet light. Being ‘hair replacement surgery’ a day-care procedure, the hospital facilitates a special operating chair with a cold light fountain for OPD. Health professionals are committed to perform a complete barrier sterility in the hair graft preparation area. Therefore, 2000-3000 grafts are estimated to be done per sitting. Hair Loss Prevetion Tips

Treatment options

It is a good news for those who are frustrated with thinning hair. The hospital in the country provides them with more options for hair loss prevention. Let’s see –

  • Once a person undergoes hair restoration surgery, he enjoys a permanent, living solution to lost scalp hair.

  • Patients are offered effective medical treatments in form of a pill and a topical liquid. However, it requires treatment for life-long.

  • If you go for cosmetic, it is necessary to know that its enhancement includes colored creams, sprays, and powders. When they are applied to the thinning scalp, it helps camouflage thinning areas till the some hair present in the area.

Enjoy a world-class healing with the top 10 hospitals in India

Today India is proud to claim itself as the world’s most remunerative medical tourism markets. Due to the active support of the government in the programs of health care infrastructure, activation of several policies and signing of several medical treaties, etc., India is day by day strengthening its medical field. Well, the global popularity of the Indian medical sphere is due to the cost effective treatments.Weight Loss

The recent statistical reports say, India is enjoying splendid improvements in medical sectors both at regional as well as national level. The reports have also predicted a bright medical future for the country. All these factors and the constantly uprising demand for Indian medical treatments, hospitals are emerging in India on a large scale. India opens the gate for the international tourists to explore the interesting medical facilities and sciences in this sacred land.

Indian hospitals excel in different medical fields such as orthopedic surgery, joint replacement, cardiology, Oncology, ENT, endocrinology, Rheumatology, urology, neurosurgery, gynecology, infertility, endocrinology, baby care clinics and many more. India’s name and fame lie in its top reputed medical centers offering the world’s best open heart surgeries, hip and knee replacement, cosmetic surgeries, pediatric heart surgery, bone marrow transplantation, cancer therapies, etc. These hospitals are known to utilize the latest technology based medical equipments. The doctors and surgeons associated with doctors who are globally renowned.

The nurses and other medical staffs associated with the top 10 hospitals in India are trained in handling the ultra-modern electronic medical instruments. The primary reason for India being the most preferred medical destination is the excellent infrastructure and technology including reasonable medical costs charged by the top hospitals. The enormous medical facilities available at the top 10 hospitals in India can be compared with the top notch medical clinics of USA or UK. You can have the peace of mind that you will get treatments from the expert physicians and doctors of the world. Etiquette is highly maintained by the hospital staff in India, their polite and friendly approach towards their patients and their family is worthy of appreciation. You can enjoy complete healing under a healthy, clean and ethical environment.

Reduce Body Fats by Undergoing Obesity Surgery

The world health organization reports that Obesity and overweight has become a global problem. The problem is related to having too much body fat. Obesity is not a physical disorder of being overweight, which means weighing too much, but a condition characterized by the excessive accumulation and storage of fat in the body.Benefits_of_Obesity_Surgery

A person can obtain obesity due to various reasons such as like changing lifestyle, energy dense diets, low level of physical activity, environmental factor, heredity, psychological and cultural influences and many others.

Health experts say that a person of obesity may undergo an obesity surgery, which includes –

A. Restrictive Procedures: The Lap Gastric band

It is a good way of reducing obesity. The surgery works by reducing the amount of food consumed at one time. The surgery is simple to understand because of the restriction created. The patient feels satiated with small amounts of food and smaller outlet, food remains in the stomach for a longer time. It results with reducing daily caloric intake without a feeling of deprivation.

B. Combined procedures: Roux -En- Y Gastric Bypass

It is a procedure helps alter digestion and known as malabsorptive. By this way surgeons reduce the intestine length that comes in contact with food and allow the body to absorb fewer calories. In the malabsorption procedure, stapling is supposed to create a small, 15 to 20cc, stomach pouch. Experts staple shuts the reminder of the stomach completely and divide it from the stomach pouch. They do not remove it completely.Cosmetic Surgery in India

The outlet from this newly formed pouch empties directly into the lower portion of the jejunum, called the Roux limb, and thus eliminates the duodenum and a small portion of the jejunum from the absorptive circuit. Then the omitted segment is connected into the side of the Roux limb of the intestine, which creates the “Y” shape. The doctors then adjust the length of either segment of the intestine so that it can produce lower or higher levels of malabsorption.

Therefore, if you are suffering from obesity, you can directly consult a reputed doctor, he can advise you if obesity surgery is needed or not. There are many hospitals in the country, you can have the surgery and reduce obesity.

Obesity surgery- Think before implementing it over your body

Obesity is the burning problem in the present world where fashion lies greatly with slim figures. Too much consumption of junk foods, or lack of physical activities or hormonal disorder or hereditary factors can lead to the problem of obesity of additional fat.

People are even suffering from frustration as a result of obesity. A fat body spoils the appearance and personality of a person. Today medical science is so much advanced that it has got solutions to several inevitable problem. The technologically advanced medical equipments and the high standard treatment methodologies can cure any problem successfully. With the help of various surgical methods obesity can be controlled. The invention of these medical methods is like a blessing to the victims.

Obesity can be dangerous with the growing age. It not only disrupts your personality and confidence but it can be one of the biggest factors for causing heart diseases since the percentage of bad cholesterol increases in the body. Obesity can also cause hair loss and can impose a threat to pregnancy.

 Exercise, dieting and other fitness programs are often advised to the patients of obesity but these activities takes a lot of time and the result can be obtained very slowly. Moreover you need to sacrifice a lot of things as you will have to stay under a strict routine. Modern day people seek a fast and a technique that takes less time, thus medical science invented obesity surgeries to yield you a fast recovery.

 Are you the right candidate for surgery?

But taking the decision of surgery without any prior planning can be foolish. Surgery cannot be implemented upon every individual’s body since several physical factors should be considered. The doctors will undergo several tests before deciding upon the fact that whether you are the suitable candidate for surgery or not.

Gastric surgery and bypass surgeries are the two well known weight loss surgical treatments. However there are several other obesity surgery but among all these two are widely accepted. In case of gastric surgery the stapling over the stomach area is done on the other hand in case of lap-band surgery adjustable or separable bands are used. The healthcare professional will decide upon the kind of surgery that will be suitable for you after judging your physical condition.

Each and every surgeries should started after several meetings and discussions with the surgeon and the doctors. Always remember that you are going to take a major step with respect to your physical health. Moreover you should also consider the standard of the clinic and the experience of the surgeon who will be performing the surgery. If you are under the hands of an expert you are safe.

Facts you ought to know about knee replacement surgery

The orthopedic surgeries are becoming popular in both rural as well as urban areas. Knee joint problems can be recovered through joint replacement surgery. India is a land which has witnessed several improvements in medical science. The popularity of India in this particular field has reached to such an extent that even international crowds are being pulled here for better treatments at cost effective rates. This largely contributes to the country’s medical tourism.

The discovery of ultra-modern medical devices which are equipped at the top hospitals of India is a remarkable achievement of Indian medical sphere. When these effective medical tools left at the hands of the expert surgeons, you can guess the quality of the outcome. Beside several other surgeries joint replacement surgery is very popular in India. Generally due to adverse effects of arthritis when the patient suffers from the unbearable pains of knee joint, at this situation when all other techniques fail, knee replacement is the only option which are prescribed by the doctors to the patients. In this kind of situation the patient’s cartilage (the main substance acting as a protective cushion between joints) gets damaged and the result is that the surrounding tissues are affected. As time passes the cartilage gets further eroded and the adverse situation is reached when the other bones start rubbing against each other. After a successful surgery, one can get relieved from the excruciating joint pains.

Surgery is never the first option to treat joint arthritis. Initially the patient undergoes the treatment through pain medication or special exercisers or physiotherapy. Only when these treatment techniques fail the doctor suggests a joint replacement surgery to the patient.

Osteoarthritis is the most common kind of arthritis when knee replacement surgery is the only option. Osteoarthritis can also be termed as degenerative arthritis since it occurs due to degradation of the joints (specifically over the knee area or wrist or hip or spine). Due to the act of this disease the mentioned areas get swelled up, stiffen, become more red and tender. The symptoms comes into notice slowly. Usually this occurs due to aging but this can also led to obesity and injury.

Rheumatoid arthritis is another big cause which leads to joint replacement surgery. Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammation disease where focus is laid over the lining of the joint areas. Due to the worse effects of this disease stiffness and swelling and the inflamed lining can damage and invade cartilage and bone.

Knee replacement surgery can be partial or total. This depends upon the condition of the patient. The doctor after diagnosing the knee joint condition decides whether the patient should undergo total knee replacement surgery or partial knee replacement surgery.

Visualize the world vividly with laser eye surgery

The two blinking windows to view this wonderful world before you, yes we are talking about eyes. Eyes are the most delicate and precious parts of our body via which the sense of visualization operates. In order to protect your eyes from inevitable circumstances you need to undergo eye surgery. India have emerged as a renowned destination in terms of successful eye surgery clinics. This fact is pulling several international patients who are visiting India with high expectations of having quality eye surgery.

Owing to the fact that eyes are the most precious and delicate jewels to anyone, any wrong application or any misdealing can have adverse results which can spoil your eye’s ability to visualize. Thus you need to choose an eye clinic that has good reputation of providing the best eye surgery and is the one which is accredited. After selecting the hospital you need to move further by consulting the surgeons regarding the kind of surgery that will be applied to your eyes.

Medical science have witnessed several advancements in the technologies, similarly improvements in eye surgeries have also taken place. Laser eye surgery is an improved technique which have evolved in the present world of medical science. According to FDA almost 95 percent patients have benefited a lot from laser eye surgery. Laser eye surgery is capable of recovering enormous eye disorders such as farsightedness and nearsightedness. This surgery has been proved the best in correcting astigmatism.

The theme of laser eye surgery is based on enhancing clear vision of the eyes. This technique operates with reshaping the cornea of the eye so that the correct amount of light enters through it you get a clear vision. The surgery is completed within a short span of time maximum 15 minutes for both the eyes. This painless surgery utilizes the application of laser into the cornea of the eyes. The result with be rejecting eyeglasses or contact lenses and enjoying a vivid vision. The technique is the best one only after your surgeon determines the condition of your eyes suitable for such an surgery. If you are suffering form eye problem and need the best eye surgery visit the top eye clinics of India.