Obesity surgery- Think before implementing it over your body

Obesity is the burning problem in the present world where fashion lies greatly with slim figures. Too much consumption of junk foods, or lack of physical activities or hormonal disorder or hereditary factors can lead to the problem of obesity of additional fat.

People are even suffering from frustration as a result of obesity. A fat body spoils the appearance and personality of a person. Today medical science is so much advanced that it has got solutions to several inevitable problem. The technologically advanced medical equipments and the high standard treatment methodologies can cure any problem successfully. With the help of various surgical methods obesity can be controlled. The invention of these medical methods is like a blessing to the victims.

Obesity can be dangerous with the growing age. It not only disrupts your personality and confidence but it can be one of the biggest factors for causing heart diseases since the percentage of bad cholesterol increases in the body. Obesity can also cause hair loss and can impose a threat to pregnancy.

 Exercise, dieting and other fitness programs are often advised to the patients of obesity but these activities takes a lot of time and the result can be obtained very slowly. Moreover you need to sacrifice a lot of things as you will have to stay under a strict routine. Modern day people seek a fast and a technique that takes less time, thus medical science invented obesity surgeries to yield you a fast recovery.

 Are you the right candidate for surgery?

But taking the decision of surgery without any prior planning can be foolish. Surgery cannot be implemented upon every individual’s body since several physical factors should be considered. The doctors will undergo several tests before deciding upon the fact that whether you are the suitable candidate for surgery or not.

Gastric surgery and bypass surgeries are the two well known weight loss surgical treatments. However there are several other obesity surgery but among all these two are widely accepted. In case of gastric surgery the stapling over the stomach area is done on the other hand in case of lap-band surgery adjustable or separable bands are used. The healthcare professional will decide upon the kind of surgery that will be suitable for you after judging your physical condition.

Each and every surgeries should started after several meetings and discussions with the surgeon and the doctors. Always remember that you are going to take a major step with respect to your physical health. Moreover you should also consider the standard of the clinic and the experience of the surgeon who will be performing the surgery. If you are under the hands of an expert you are safe.


Facts you ought to know about knee replacement surgery

The orthopedic surgeries are becoming popular in both rural as well as urban areas. Knee joint problems can be recovered through joint replacement surgery. India is a land which has witnessed several improvements in medical science. The popularity of India in this particular field has reached to such an extent that even international crowds are being pulled here for better treatments at cost effective rates. This largely contributes to the country’s medical tourism.

The discovery of ultra-modern medical devices which are equipped at the top hospitals of India is a remarkable achievement of Indian medical sphere. When these effective medical tools left at the hands of the expert surgeons, you can guess the quality of the outcome. Beside several other surgeries joint replacement surgery is very popular in India. Generally due to adverse effects of arthritis when the patient suffers from the unbearable pains of knee joint, at this situation when all other techniques fail, knee replacement is the only option which are prescribed by the doctors to the patients. In this kind of situation the patient’s cartilage (the main substance acting as a protective cushion between joints) gets damaged and the result is that the surrounding tissues are affected. As time passes the cartilage gets further eroded and the adverse situation is reached when the other bones start rubbing against each other. After a successful surgery, one can get relieved from the excruciating joint pains.

Surgery is never the first option to treat joint arthritis. Initially the patient undergoes the treatment through pain medication or special exercisers or physiotherapy. Only when these treatment techniques fail the doctor suggests a joint replacement surgery to the patient.

Osteoarthritis is the most common kind of arthritis when knee replacement surgery is the only option. Osteoarthritis can also be termed as degenerative arthritis since it occurs due to degradation of the joints (specifically over the knee area or wrist or hip or spine). Due to the act of this disease the mentioned areas get swelled up, stiffen, become more red and tender. The symptoms comes into notice slowly. Usually this occurs due to aging but this can also led to obesity and injury.

Rheumatoid arthritis is another big cause which leads to joint replacement surgery. Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammation disease where focus is laid over the lining of the joint areas. Due to the worse effects of this disease stiffness and swelling and the inflamed lining can damage and invade cartilage and bone.

Knee replacement surgery can be partial or total. This depends upon the condition of the patient. The doctor after diagnosing the knee joint condition decides whether the patient should undergo total knee replacement surgery or partial knee replacement surgery.