Know-Hows Of A Bone Marrow Transplantation

bone-marrow-transplantationIf you or anybody of your family feels the need of a bone marrow transplant, read this article to understand what is process and what are steps followed during the treatment.

Bone marrow transplant is a method in which dead cells in bone marrow are replaced with the live ones either from the same or from another human being. The reasons behind this transplantation are several. The various types of cells present in the blood are produced within the bone marrow (a semi solid substance within the bones). The development of stem cells occur inside the bone marrow and develops further to form the various cells of the blood. Due to cancer an individual’s bone marrow gets damaged and the cells inside it becomes necrotic. The result is zero production of red or white blood cells.

How bone marrow transplantation is carried out?

There are basically five steps to perform bone marrow transplant.

These are as follows:

  • The patient has to undergo a physical examination of the body to judge his or her health condition.
  • Gathering the stem cells that are to be utilized during the process of transplantation. This stage is known as harvesting.
  • Making the body cells ready for transplant which is termed as conditioning
  • Transplantation of the stem cells.
  • The period of recovery when you would be monitored for any side effects or complications.

The success story of a bone marrow transplantation depends upon the fact how was the process implemented upon a patient. The more less is the age of the patient the more high is the success rate. In some cases of leukaemia the process of bone marrow transplant have proved to be the best increasing possibilities of cure.