A Quick Heal with an Innovative Therapy

This innovative therapy involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized room and the equipment consists of a pressure chamber and it delivers the pure oxygen. In the therapy room, the air pressure is increased to three times higher than the normal air pressure. It is mainly done, so as to allow your lungs gather three times more oxygen than the oxygen that can be inhaled at normal air pressure.

Your body will then carry this oxygen throughout the body, thereby releasing the substances called growth factors and stem cells. These substances promote healing.

The therapy is basically carried out to treat decompression sickness, which is a hazard of scuba diving. Other conditions that can get treated include serious infections, the presence of bubbles of air in the blood vessels, and also caters to those wound that don’t get healed as a result of diabetes or radiation injury.

The treatment is done as your body tissues require an adequate supply of oxygen to function. On this tissue getting injured, more oxygen supply is required for them to survive. The therapy increases the amount of oxygen in the blood and this increased level for the time being restores the normal levels of blood gases and the functioning of the tissue to fight infection and promote the healing process.

There are various conditions under which your doctor can suggest you to go for the therapy. Suggestions are such that thisĀ innovative therapy also heals a lot of processes. They range from allergies, arthritis, autism, cancer, cerebral palsy, stroke, gastrointestinal ulcers, etc.

Though the therapy is a safe process, there are some risks and complications that might come arrested with the procedure. The complications might include, occurrence of myopia, middle ear and inner ear injuries, organ damage and seizures. All this might occur due to the over-dose of air pressure or the changes occurring in the body air levels.

The one interesting factor about this innovative therapy is the you do not have to get hospitalized for the treatment. In fact, you will be required one or two sessions of the treatment, according to your diagnosis.

Getting treated for this innovative therapy involves you to go through a sitting with your doctor and learn the pros and cons of the therapy. There are many clinical centers that provide this facility, but the best ones will have the facilities required to carry out the process.

There are some precautions as well that are required to be taken. Pure oxygen has the ability to cause fire if it is in close proximity of a source of ignition. Thus, no inflammable items are advised to be taken into the chamber. Also excessive hair on the body has to be got rid of and no wound-care products are allowed to be taken. A member of the health staff will explain you the process of a hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Mumbai.